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Published on October 27, 2016

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning In Vancouver, Washington

High Quality Oriental Rug Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington

We often get asked about our oriental rug cleaning services and how they might be different than other carpet cleaners. Well, we cannot tell you exactly how every other carpet cleaner cleans oriental rugs.  What we can tell you is this:

  1. We actually clean them! We do NOT just clean the surface of your oriental rugs. We clean them deep down and thoroughly.
  2. We get out more soil with the Rug Badger BEFORE we even introduce water to the cleaning procedure than most carpet cleaners get out in the entire cleaning process. In the video above you see the amazing Rug Badger and its ability to get out a LOT of dry soil. It is so important to get this deep down soil out of your oriental rugs before any water is used.
  3. When we go to the wet phase of the cleaning we do NOT just clean the surface. You cannot properly clean most oriental rugs by just barely getting the surface fibers wet. It will not lead to good cleaning. We clean the oriental rug from the tips of the surface fibers all the way to the backing and including the backing. This is thorough cleaning.
  4. We properly dry the carpets. Depending on the situation we will hang dry the carpets or tack the carpets. This is important because improper drying is one of the reasons for bad results. Warping the backing or having the oriental rug shrink is a bad thing!

At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we also properly test BEFORE the cleaning begins. One serious issue with many rugs is color bleeding. This is the migration of dye to other fibers in the wet state. Most of the time color bleeding can be eliminated completely with proper testing and then proper cleaning techniques.

The bottom line is this: At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we know how to clean your oriental area rugs the right way. We have the knowledge, experience, and desire to do a great job…and we do.

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You can also see more about oriental rug cleaning in Vancouver, Washington at http://vancouverwacarpetcleaners.net




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